Posted by: G. | April 20, 2008

Another trip to the other side

Being away makes you miss all the little things, the simple coffees, the crazy man sreaming near the usual coffee, the russian waitress that gives us water when we buy sweets, the conversations about really nothing, all those things we used to do on a regular basis and now we don’t. And 2 days it’s so little time, we almost don’t have time to really live life. 

I always love to go back, see my friends, my family, eat good food, drink great coffee, go shopping to those places that I was sick and tired before, see the news, all those things, but now I really like to come back, to the city I live in now, to the bed I now call mine, to my living room, to go to the coffee I now like to go, to see the people I’m used to now. I really love my to worlds, the one is always going to be there for me, the one I knew for 23 years, and the new one, the one I’m trying now. 

P.S: I miss you there, going to the “mountain” trying to see mars and the moon and listening to Within Temptation and Robbie Williams. 😉

Posted by: G. | April 16, 2008

I’m alive and so is Palácio de Cristal

I know I said I wouldn’t let this one die, and really want to make this happen, is like a relationship, but lately i’ve so busy, that I haven’t had time even to eat. Work is crazy, and is going to get worse when my favorite freaky goes to Milan, C. is going away and I’m getting alone with a big and important client. Of course the experience is going to be incredible, but I really like to breathe and I don’t thing I’m going to have time.

So my days have been very busy and boring, work, work and work, except on Monday. M. was here for one night and we went dancing, Joy Eslavo is one of the many discos in Madrid. And so you can have an ideia how’s Madrid, I went dancing on a Monday night!! Yes, it’s right, you read well, Monday, and it was there lots of people and I had lots of fun!!!!

So just so you know, when I stop for a second my busy live I’ll update the palace!!

Posted by: G. | March 30, 2008

The impressive Valle de los Caídos

dsc00263.jpg      dsc00265.jpg      dsc00269.jpg      dsc00271.jpg      dsc00266.jpg

I’ve wanted to go there since I get here, for people who like history, this places are in the list of 100 places to see before you die, and it’s quite impressive. The monument conceived by the spanish dictator Francisco Franco to honour those who fell during the Spanish Civil War, however the only two tombs of whom you can see the name are those of Franco and Primo Rivera. This monument has the tallest memorial cross in the world, a 152.4-metre-high construction of stone.

But of course this is not only a normal monument made by a dictator, for some this monument was built by 20 000 republican prisoners, but other sources say no more than 2 000 people worked there, many of whom skilled workers, but of course there lies the controversy.

History and politics aside, this is incredible, the view is unbelievable, the cross impressive and the place peaceful, definitly one of those places to see before you die.

Posted by: G. | March 21, 2008

Other way to see Madrid

I don’t know why but somethings are just better when they’re shared, and art it’s just one of those things. The Thyssen Bornemisza Museum was the one I didn’t visit until yesterday. I already knew it was not going to be a disappointment like Prado, because of some of the names that makes that huge collection: Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Pissarro, Matisse, Kandinsky, Degas, Renoir, Mondrian, Dali, Picasso, and much more. But it was better than I ever thought it would be, not only for the paintings but also for the company. 

Back to the museum, this family, or better, the Thyssen Lady has so much power that she said to the mayor of Madrid if he wouldn’t improve the street outside the museum she would take all the collection some place else. And the thing is, the projects are moving to getting the place improved.

After the museum, there’s nothing like a good lunch of portuguese cousine, and I found a very good portuguese restaurant in the center of Madrid, “A Tasca do Bacalhau Português”, of course the specialty is Cod fish and it’s great, they have like 10 different recipes (which is not much considering), they even have “Pastéis de Belém”, the real ones, directly from Lisbon. The one thing is not portuguese and entirely from Madrid, it’s the price, lunch for two people 72€. But it’s very good and I want to go back more often. 

Wraping everything up, it was a very good day that went by like a few minutes!


Posted by: G. | March 11, 2008

Chiki Chiki

Well there some things that are almost the same in Portugal and in Spain, we cannot argue against it, we are latins! Making a big fuss about something stupid is a great example, but I thing in Portugal it would never come to this (Zé Cabra would never represent Portugal in the Eurovision). But Spain is a different world, and this is Spain:



Posted by: G. | March 10, 2008

My new favorite TV spot

Posted by: G. | March 10, 2008

Life is what happens when your busy making plans

My favorite tv series of all time is back, and to the big screen! Sex and the city the movie is the reason to go to the cinema this year. I’m a geek and I don’t mind, I love everything about it, I watch the episodes over and over again (I’m watching one right now), I love the city, the fashion, the girls, the guys, the relationships, the true, the words, Big, every little thing that happens in the lives of those four amazing, brilliant, funny, different women and the relationship they have with each other, one we all wish we had with our girlfriends.

Of course in the globalized world we live in it’s difficult to hide something as big as filming in New York city a movie as important as SATC, and a lot of pictures and movies ended up online, and I was one of the first to see it (in Portugal at least). Now that the trailer is online we can understand a little bit more about the plot of the movie and frankly I hope they do it right and don’t do it planning the sequel. Until now I liked what I saw, but I’m suspicious because I’m going to love it no matter what.

The fashion is simply crazy as you can see below:

76868594.jpg     76983044.jpg       77148455.jpg       77149638.jpg       77554958.jpg   

79734755.jpg       79885790.jpg       80181208.jpg

I simply adore this, and all I really want is to be able to have a “girls” night out to see the premiere with V. and D., have some cosmopolitans ans simply enjoy New York.

Posted by: G. | March 7, 2008

Where is the… mail?

Ok, I do believe my doorman is keeping my mail from me! I’m just imagining him with my 100 anniversary Granta and my Victoria Secret’s catalogue. Fine, with the catalogue not with Granta! 

Posted by: G. | March 7, 2008

Zapatero or Rajoy

I really don’t care, for the first time in my short voter life. In sunday are the elections in Spain, as usual that’s all there is to talk about, except Mari Luz, and because of the stupid elections I didn’t had much work last week. 

The big question is who will win, well, as the title says I don’t really care, just because I don’t see Spain as my country, and so I don’t really care what happens to it, but of course it’s important and just to choose one, I don’t really like Rajoy, he’s a “cateto”, speaks with his hands, has the stupidiest name on earth which is impossible to say it right, and that is enough to say I don’t like him, I hope Zapatero wins.

We’ll see on Sunday who will win and if anything is going to chance. Again I don’t care, what I do care, and what’s very fucked up is, being a portuguese girl from Benfica, living in Madrid, and watching her team lose in Lisbon with the worst team in Madrid. I really really hate that!


Posted by: G. | March 3, 2008

Back to work

Go away for the weekend was great, see all my friends, go shopping, be with my family, drink some great coffee, eat very well, spend money, have fun, but I get very very tired!Get back, do the laudry, go grocery shopping, iron the clothes, it’s a lot to do in the few hours after work.I just come here to say I’m still alive and so is Palácio de Cristal. 

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